The PAWW scheme gives employees additional time and income security to find a new job after their WW or WGA benefit expires. Which is nice to know. Not just when you become unemployed, disabled or are on long-term sick leave, but it is also practical to have this information in advance, because it is nice to know that everything is taken care of should it ever be needed. We call this a SUPER PAWWER. That way, you will feel energised and ready to return to the labour market!

What will change in 2024?

The PAWW premium employees pay will drop to 0.08% in 2024, which is good news! But that’s not the only change you will find on your payslip. The different changes are clearly discussed in a simple manner in this video (do not forget to turn on the English subtitles).

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Assured of resilience after WW

The PAWW scheme kicks in when your WW or wage-related WGA benefit expires. The income security you get thanks to the PAWW scheme gives you the time and space to get back on track. So you can discover where your talents truly lie and which job suits you best.

PAWW. Assured of resilience after WW

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Inform your employees

We have developed a handy memo about the reduction of the PAWW premium and several other important matters. Share this memo to let your employees know that you have made all the right arrangements.

Do I qualify for PAWW?

You qualify for PAWW benefit if your employer has joined the PAWW scheme. Want to know more? Click the button below.

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