More than 2 million Dutch employees have PAWW on their payslip, but only a part of them are aware of it. Additionally, many people do not know the abbreviation PAWW. As a result, they do not realize that they are participating in a scheme that provides security and space in case of long-term sick leave or dismissal. A pity, because being insured with PAWW is incredibly beneficial.



PAWW is a Dutch abbreviation for Private Supplement to Unemployment Benefit (WW) and Wage-Related WGA Benefit. The scheme ensures that employees can receive an additional benefit after the WW or WGA benefit expires, giving them extra time to find a new job. We call this SUPER PAWWER, and it is here to support you. Not only if you ever find yourself without work and income for a long time, but also right now. Because it is nice to know that you have an extra safety net, if it ever comes to that.

Assured of resilience

Knowing that you are well-insured in case of long-term unemployment, sick leave or disability provides peace of mind through income security. The PAWW scheme kicks in when the WW or wage-related WGA benefit stops. It gives you the opportunity to discover what your talents are or which job suits you best. This way, income security makes you resilient, and with PAWW, you are assured of resilience after the WW or WGA.

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Show off your SUPER PAWWER!

Download the digital SUPER PAWWER information package for resilient advice and various tools to showcase your #SUPERPAWWER online.

Do I qualify for PAWW?

You qualify for PAWW benefit if you remployer has joined the PAWW scheme. Want to be sure? Check now.

How do I know if PAWW is on my payslip?

Your payslip is full of abbreviations, but what do they actually mean? And how do I recognize PAWW? Watch the short animation video here.

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